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Subcarrier 1: “Skipping Stones” (excerpts)

Thursday, February 17th, 2005

SUBCARRIER is the duo of Andy Graydon and Giles Hendrix in which they explore the synch moment: that area of correspondence in media where relationships resolve and dimensions expand. Synch in this way can mean the correspondence of image to sound, of object to media object, of language to referent, and of live moment to recorded timebase. Using video of simple actions shot specifically for the performance, both Hendrix and Graydon manipulate video and audio simultaneously to create a kind of “video concrete” in an improvisational setting, in which media objects are the true instruments of performance.

This excerpt was recorded on Feb. 17 2005 for Video as an Instrument at The Tank. Subcarrier also performed at the Millennium Film Workshop for sun khronos, at M Shanghai Den for RAKE, and at NISUS at the Lehman College Art Gallery.